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Life is a combination of magic and pasta

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The Artisanal Pasta Factory Leonardo Carassai represents the natural continuation of a business way that the Carassai family pursues since 1850.

The “fine fine macaroni” of 1400 are still today in our tradition… as the result of the same love and the same old-time recipe.
The rich and fine dough, the shape, obtained by cutting the crust with very sharp knifes, are the distinctive characteristics of this special and unique product.
The Campofilone macaroni are recognized in Italy and abroad for their unique taste and for the recipe, passed down for generations:
No less than 10 eggs for one kg of flour.


The Pasta Factory begins with a combination of years of experience in the agri-food industry that has its roots in the tradition and is diligently expressed in every issue of the production.

The quality of raw materials, the food safety of products, the natural manufacturing procedure, the customer satisfaction, are the expression of a quality policy that the company pursues along all the production process: from meal milling to the Campofilone egg pasta production.

Pasta oro

The Campofilone macaroni are recognized in Italy and all over the World. Fine strings of egg pasta, exclusive meal of rich and powerful from 1500, it combines the story and the food passion of our country. The ingredients goodness, the very fine cut and the 24 hours slow desiccation at low temperature still make the Campofilone Macaroni so unique and exclusive today. The light thickness and their characteristic porosity are the authentic expression of a high class product and that’s how the Carassai family brings the “Campofilone Gold” on your table.

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